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About us

2012-03-04 09:40:47

Company Profiles

NUOSHEN established in 2001, setting in the  localization first service providers of international natural food ingredients, concentrating on international providing nutrition, health,safe food ingredientsthe for China food industry market ,bowseining the distance of China food with the world food,in order to help China food industry matching to international, make China food be more nutritious, safer, healthier, economical, and strive to  be the company who know the world most in China, and know China most on the world", injecting a solid force in the healthy development of China food industry!

NUOSHEN in compliance with the ideology of "natural, nutrition, health", provide milk protein, nutritional
yeast, modified starch, dietary fiber (wheat fiber, oat fiber, apple fiber,soluble fiber) , probiotics, emulsifying activity

of iron and so on for the customers,devoting to provide products processing solutions  for dairy, health products,meat and bakery food industry.

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